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Who Wants High Heel Boots?

Boots have been a trend for a long time and they never seem to go out of fashion. The only thing that changes from time to time is the boot’s design to suit the changing times. Boots of course come in different colors, sizes and most definitely, designs.

Traditionally, it is the ladies who have constantly worn high heeled boots. Some eras have seen men also wear these boots, but generally these are a preserve of the ladies. To be a bit vain, some studies have even shown that when a woman wears high heel boots, men are more likely to assist her versus if she were to wear flat shoe.


Types of high heeled boots

There are different designs for these coveted boots

The different high heeled boot designs have varied in years. In this age, the designs available to choose from are very many, with obvious varied colors, but they are divided into these groups:

  • Cute ankle length boots.
  • Below the knee/ mid-calf length boots
  • Knee high boots
  • Over the knee boots/ thigh high boots
  • Riding boots
  • Cowboy boots

Anyone who wants high heeled boots should be aware that the above categories are also subdivided into various sub-categories which are very many, it is impossible to list all here, from seductive stilettos, to classically stacked heels, leather, suede, strapped, closed, to name but a few. Each of these has varied distinct features that make them beautiful.


Reasons for wearing high heeled boots

There are varied reasons why a woman may want to wear heeled boots.

  1. First reason is because these boots are trending in the fashion world. Some women follow these trends to the latter.
  2. Because they just love them. They own them because they love boots. Simply!
  3. Harsh weather conditions. Extreme rainfall needs high heeled boots that protect from the rain water. Winter boots can be used when it is extremely cold for warmth.
  4. They like how the boots make them feel. Some high heeled boots make a woman feel great in her skin, and also confident.
  5. To supplement an outfit. Personal style is as important as fashion trends; hence some women will wear high heeled boots to cover their style.

The most fortunate fact about high heeled boots is that they can be virtually worn by any ensemble. Anyone who wants high heeled boots can wear them with casual cut-off jeans, for example the riding boots go well with these. Skirts, skinny jeans and dresses go well with knee length boots of any color depending on the cloth. A short and sophisticated dress or skirt can use a sensual tall heeled thigh high boots.

High heeled boots are worn at official functions or at a friend’s casual party. One can transition from office wear to going out with the girls in the evening with a calf-length black suede boot. It is as easy as that. Some ladies love the boots look so much, they wear them in their weddings.

Step out in these fashion statements without regret and with the knowledge that these are not going anywhere anytime soon. This information helps any woman who wants to wear high heeled boots, and is confident enough to pull it out.

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