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The Physics Behind Shoes

Shoes! They can transform the woman totally. If you choose the right shape and height of the shoes, you may look taller, shorter, thinner, more beautiful, more stylish… The only thing you have to do is to consider several basic rules when purchasing your shoes.


What shoes are suitable for you if you are a minion?

Even if you have sometimes had sneaking thoughts how nasty it is to be shortish – don’t worry, as you have the privilege to wear high-heeled shoes. You figure is suitable for at least 8 cm heels, and if in summer you choose open shoes with a thin heel, everybody will turn after you. You will also look taller if you pick  shoes with tassels.


What should you wear if you are tall?

Tall ladies have to consider their height, and even if they are fond of high heels, it is better for them to not choose such models. If you are tall, you will look great in shoes which are up to 3 – 3.5 cm high, in which you will be elegant and stylish without being on the top of the others and feeling uncomfortable because you are tall.


You are plump?

If you have a little more voluptuous shapes, the shoes with very thin heels are not suitable for you. In order to achieve the necessary harmony and to look slenderer, choose shoes with 5 – 8 cm heels, as the heel should not be ultra thin.


You calves and ankles are a little thicker than the usual ones?

Calves and ankles are a problem zone for a large number of women, but don’t worry – if you choose high, elegant open shoes or very cut ones, you will look sexy and stylish and no one will notice that you have some small imperfections on your calves. Always choose elegant shoes and never go for shoes with crossed laces, bands or straps on the ankle, as shoes with similar accessories visually shorten the leg and attract the attention to the ankle.

‘Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world’ – Merilyn Monroe


A beautiful pair of shoes will add some charm, sex appeal and bold confidence, and will make you feel like the queen of the ball. That’s why, don’t be mean about expensive shoes and don’t forget that cheap shoes can never exchange a pair of stylish high-quality shoes.

Don’t forget that each girl who sticks to being stylish and sexy all the time, she should have the following:

  • At least one pair of classical black shoes (3 – 4 cm height of the heel);
  • A pair of high-heeled evening shoes (of black satin, for example);
  • A pair of low-heeled sports shoes (suitable for jeans or trousers)
  • A pair or two of ultra bold shoes which she has fallen in love with but will never take out of the box.

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