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A bunch of hilarious shoe stories and facts to purge away the cloudiness from your days.

Oh well, there are so many ways to make somebody laugh, like crack them up, but have you ever thought that shoe stories can get you to burst out giggling as well?

…because good shoes make good stories as well

And here we go, talking about shoes and stories at one and the same time. Hey, don’t judge us!

As a shoe lover to another one, let me puzzle your mind a bit with a couple of extremely simple and curious facts considering the background of your most favorite pair of shoes; or to put it shortly, how in the world did shoes appear!? Whose idea was that anyway? Do you have the slightest idea, pals?

Shoes – all of us have heard the story revolving around their first appearance and perhaps there is hardly anyone who doesn’t associate it either with those old time Roman or Greek sandals (thinking of the Gladiator ones or the Viking leather shoes ) going with some really cool straps we are dying to wear even today; and this is how their famed story seems to have started booming.

All these previously existing shoe styles, taking us back to a really interesting historical period, are even shown and hinted quite beautifully today. Also, it is not uncommon today that even fashion designers jump back in time to steal an idea or two from the good old days, right?


 Random fact 1: Men in high heels back in time?!

What in the world…?!

picture1Did you know that the first one to wear high heels, being any woman’s favorite pair of sexy shoes, is believed to be a man?!

This is the truth, and a blow-minding one for sure. Just imagine a stranger (a guy) entering a shoe store and all you could possibly think about is him asking for assistance considering the right pick of shoes to match perfectly with his outfit; but no, out of thin air he heads directly towards the high heels section. What a moment to capture, what a time to be alive, huh?

And yet, this image might have looked quite differently in the good old days. Historically speaking, men did wear high heels, but don’t think of those old school-looking shoes as the typical lady’s go-to-shoes when hanging out or going to a party.

In other words, what you see here is probably what they have looked like, or at least what we wish they had been like.

Random fact 2: Cinderella was nothing, but a lie!

picture12Okay, pals, let’s be real here. If you lose a shoe at the crack of dawn, you are probably (and surely) drunk, not a princess to be saved by a prince. Oh, how cute…to think the other way around.

And actually, pay some tribute to the wisdom trying to escape from the picture…

It seems like Cinderella might have been in a really “come-and-get-me” mood so as to lose her nice shoes. Or maybe she has done it on purpose so that to be tracked down by the handsome prince?! Who knows…


Random fact 3: “A lady may be broke as hell, but the total price of all her shoes ..tells, well, another story”


picture13Do you recall of that amazingly famous line by Carrie Bradshaw which goes like “I’ve spent about $ 40 thousand dollars on shoes, and now I have no place to live at?!”.

It may always come to that at the end of the day. All in all, you know what they say “ nobody’s going to get killed if they buy the god damn shoes!”.

Because …

Let’s live by the rules.

By Carrie Bradshaw’s rules.

Random fact 4: People tend to be kind of crazy when in the role of customers

(aka rude customers in disguise… )

 Check out the following real-life situations, revealing costumers’ “creativity of mind” so to speak.

-“I’m sorry sir, we’re closing in 5 minutes”

-“But why? “


“Our store has just finished working for today, but you are absolutely welcome tomorrow.

I deeply apologize for the inconveniences.

– Then don’t expect to grow your business any time soon. Goodbye. “


Oh, no, we’ve got a situation here…

“After waiting in line for a couple of minutes.

-Are going to let me go soon or what? It is because I didn’t get the pricey stuff, isn’t it?”

Oh, well…

Did you like this article? If you keep such an absurd or a hilarious story up your sleeve, then don’t be shy to share it with us! We are up for bright ideas and …shoes, naturally!

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