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My choice of shoes when traveling

ziki1(Tips for journey-lovers)

You know what they say – “take a walk in somebody’s shoes to see what it is like to feel their pain and experience their joy”; but no, not this time.

Instead that, why don’t you walk a mile or two in our hand-made shoes and open you senses to the provided unique softness and warmth?

Let’s go!

Love the right shoes when on the road

ziki2..Because the pain is not worth it

You’ve surely heard it from somewhere:

“Good shoes take you to good places”

Positive. Any footwear of fine quality brings you not only the needed isolation of the feet but some warmth and soft delicacy to beat the tension post an hour-long walking, or even hiking.

A common mistake made by many of us when planing to go somewhere nice for a couple of days is to pack up the fanciest pair of shoes instead of the most comfortable ones. Warning: you feet are at risk, at risk of “losing their temper and making you realize it afterward”

Unwritten rules about shoes to stand by when traveling

Okay, all the jokes aside right now. Here is how the situation really stands– if you don’t want to miss out on any great spots and venues when going sightseeing, hiking or whatever, you can do something very simple – just follow these easy-to-check things:

  • just leave all of your fancy-looking but uncomfortable shoes at home
  • don’t take more than two pairs of shoes (you won’t need it, believe us)
  • think less about styles and perfect matches for your outfits (you’re going to save lots of nerves this way; perhaps even more than you can possibly imagine)
  • go for simple models like sneakers – going just perfectly with anything on you (such a good idea, right?)
  • save more space in your luggage by picking simple-looking but easy to match shoes (less is more, remember?)
  • forget about heavy shoes if going somewhere warm (instead, bring a pair of sandals, you’re going to be just fine on your getaway)

Keep it simple, but keep it clean and fresh as well

ziki3Let your feet breathe, save them any pain and unpleasantness, or bad odors.

Okay, now it seems like you are ready to go and achieve your goals, however, there is probably only one thing to bear in mind before pushing forward – shoe maintenance.

This sure is quite essential when it comes to basic maintenance of both your footwear and feet. Remember – going simple, fresh and clean will not only help you elongate the life of your shoes, so to speak, but will absolutely save you the crazy embarrassment of having smelly feet. Because you don’t want to kill the soft atmosphere with bad odors spreading quite fast through the air, right?

And since we brought up that tedious cleaning part, you should take care of your shoes on a regular basis. To put it differently, clean them properly before and after each wearing. As for the methods you should apply when doing it, just get yourself on the highway easily with wet wipes or a wet piece of cloth; and here you go – your favorite pairs of shoes will appear as neat as a new pin.

On the other hand, sometimes the shoe’s materials do matter when it comes down to taking some very good care of your footwear. Our hand-made shoe collection, for one, requires paying a special piece of attention – after all you wouldn’t like your new pair of shoes being literally destroyed by any inappropriate cleaning products, would you?

Because at the end of the day chemicals don’t go well with organic materials.

So, to prevent this from happening, here is an idea to stand by when taking care of hand-made leather footwear

Shoe maintenance at its best:

  • use organic-friendly products (free your life of poisonous chemicals, damaging the fine quality of your own fancy shoe collection at home)
  • soapy water and a piece of cloth work quite harmoniously against stains, dirt, etc.
  • step away from detergents (these are unfriendly pals, killing softly the natural oils)
  • bring the shine back again by polishing your shoes with wax, creams, or..just paste, yes, this is it!
  • Go for creams in darker tones to cover up any scratches visible along the leather surface
  • avoid polishing creams in a liquid form since they can absolutely crack the fine leather material although they can give an extra touch of shine to the shoes.

ziki4Work it slowly, not in rush motions – everything takes its time, so don’t mess it all up –  provide some good maintenance for your feet so as to make them feel good in any nice pair of hand-made shoes; and once more – let your footwear be as clean as a whistle!

Because…your feet deserve just as much love as our hand-made shoes do!

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  1. Eshika Roy

    Thank you for posting this informative blog on the right pair of shoes to wear while travelling. It is important that we opt for comfort instead of style. High heels are not suitable for travelling. This blog will help a lot of people in choosing the right pair of shoes for travelling. I am looking forward to reading more interesting blogs in the future.

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