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Leather handbag – The best accessory a woman can have

Every woman loves a good accessory to add urban chic and combine with any piece of her wardrobe. Accessories such as handbags, shoes, necklaces, scarves have been the subject of obsession for almost all women in the world; in them we can find our essence.

Today we will talk about bags, specifically leather handbags as they are an excellent option for any outfit even for men .Today we see a lot of men wearing rucksacks and roomy wallets to accommodate their everyday essentials.

One bag is never enough for a woman and sometime we like to be seen with different types and also shapes and colours, from the largest to the tiniest one. The bag is the accessory that is inseparable part of our life and even daily routine.

Regardless of the combinations we want to use, we should know how to combine colours and textures to achieve a best look and express ourselves on a daily basis.

Women since the beginning of time believed that new trends in handbags and accessories were the synonym of glamour and good taste. Perhaps it is a matter of personal pleasure, because we like to innovate and look different every day but we love to go shopping and copy the great fashion icons too.

The type of bag you dream of having in your closet should represent your personality .Leather bags are excellent for this purpose because of their attractiveness, proportion, shape and balance.

Often in stores we stop to feel the leather, look at all the details and imagine what outfit the bag will match with. From the shape and the colours we can guess the designer’s name or what year it was released and one thing is sure -although we buy one bag every new season, there’s always room for one more.

Different skin types are characterised by the type of animal skin used, leather tanning and manufacturing methods used. The most common type of skin in the manufacture of leather goods is cowhide, but the skin of other animals, such as buffalo, pigs, sheep, goats, kangaroos, ostriches or exotic animals like reptiles or fish is also used.

Types of leather handbags

Cowhide bag: One of the most used in the leather industry for its strength, flexibility, thickness and its availability in all stores.

Goat Skin Bag: This type of leather has more durability. It is supple and soft because of the presence of lanolin in the leather. It is also highly used in the industry because it is water resistant. The goat skin is also warm and breathable, it is textured like a pebble and so it has distinctive ridges –so comfortable to wear.

Buffalo leather bag: This type of skin is very similar to cow’s skin as it has very similar features but has the important difference that should have a clothing accessory: It is cheaper!

The Buffalo leather is tanned with the so called “brain tanning”. This process uses natural and wood smoke that keeps the leather fibres strong and pliable.

Pigskin bags: They are very diverse in use. Their skin is hard, dense , very durable and have stained appearance.

The pigskin is very pliable and comfortable and is preferred by manufactured for stamping, perforating or embossing.


Sheep skin leather is extremely delicate, lightweight and absorbs water easily .You will recognise it by the finely grained leather which is thin and supple and has a buttery texture. T sheep skin leather is having tensile strength and stretches well simply because sheep skin drapes well and as it flows, it is very often used by designers to make high-end leather garments and handbags


Whatever type of bag you choose, the most important thing is that you recognise your style and what your needs are. The bag is a supplement that defines us is a bandolier, maxi handbag, clutch, envelope; cigarreta among others must choose which better define us and make us feel good. My recommendation is that leather is because it lasts longer and never gets old as then we can always wear it in a vintage look.


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