Get to know about Espoka

Get to know Espoka – it’s time to “drop the veils”

…Peep into the mystery.

Let’s be real, pals – there’s hardly anyone who is not passionate about having one more super cute pair of shoes, no matter its style, be it sandals, runners, sneakers, heels, whatever the situation.

When it comes to that lovely moment (meaning shoe shopping), it’s as if we can feel the blood run its course through our veins. Everybody loves shoes, including Me and You as well.

And as deep shoe lovers as we are, the greatest advantage we have today is the immense variety of footwear we can technically see everywhere. And if this doesn’t make you happy, we can barely think of anything else that does.

On the downside however, having that much of a choice when it comes to shoe shopping can sometimes turn into a perfect nightmare regarding the existence of so many styles to choose between out in the world but never finding what you actually need.

And yes, we all know that annoying feeling when looking for something special amongst such a great diversity of things but meeting no happy ending whatsoever.

Indeed, we’ve been there. And so have you; and the disappointment coming post that seems to be absolutely real. True enough, right?

We are passionate about making the shoes of your dreams

Take it or leave it … to the ones who love fashion.

we love shoes

A hint towards what’s to come – the creation of our footwear is what we believe in as a brand aka a unique style, undying fashion, excellent quality and softness – all provided with a delicate touch to every tiny detail. Isn’t that what everyone needs at the end of the day?

When you think about it, the perfect footwear should be of a fine quality, leaving the feet rested and taken care of even after an exhausting day at work, and quite stylish so that to be easy to pair up with different details and still look absolutely fabulous.

Because ultimately, it always comes down to the style no matter who much we want to take care of the feet by providing them with warmth and delicacy to go against the swing moods of the weather.

This is exactly how the idea of our hand-made shoe collection came into light. We wanted to give any single one of you the dream footwear that is not only easy to pair up with outfits, but is also of an excellent quality, promising you lots of “sunny days” for your feet no matter the weather, the season, the mood.

And we did. The days of pain and suffering caused by the super uncomfortable pair of shoes are long forgotten. Have you ever imagined being able to walk down the streets or through the park for hours and hours and not feeling any unpleasantness or roughness down there in the bottom of your footwear? Because after all this is exactly where your toes almost always feel as if crumbled during such a crazy walking activity, right?

It sure sounds like a dream to you, doesn’t it? A dream that is too close to coming true actually, we will add.

A sneak peek into our handmade shoe collection made of leather

…Believe in quality, not in price tags

every day is fashion showThe idea of style is finding the perfect set of things and putting them together in order to achieve something special. This is what we’ve been getting our thoughts into since the very beginning.

No matter the occasion, be it a cocktail party, a weeding, or a family gathering, there is always a way to shine bright like a diamond and steal the show by simply setting your eyes on the perfect pair of shoes.

Steal an idea or two from us and put on our handmade ankle boots for a wild night out with the squad. As simple and cool as it really is, every one of you will totally steal the show when stepping in and about the streets.

Now imagine pairing them up with slim jeans coming in holes all the way through or a cute skirt – it seems heaven-like, right?

Now it’s your turn to show us what you can come up with when having a wide variety of handmade footwear (ankle boots, loafers, lace-up shoes, wellies, flats or platforms) and some good gut feeling about fashion and style.


“Because having the mind&heart of a stylist takes time to develop.

Be wise and always look for the best out there!” – EspokaLondon.

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