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Behind the uniqueness of our hand-made footwear

Honestly, talking about shoes, accessories, clothes and all things of this nature seems to have never been taken seriously. However, when you are covered from head to toe in nothing but an extremely uncomfortable piece of clothing the chance is that it won’t do you any favors whatsoever.

What about the confidence and self-esteem? How are you supposed to feel good in your own skin when all you can think about is how itchy your body gets once you put on that perfect-looking, but quite unwearable stuff? There is hardly anyone who can make us believe in the opposite.

Because shoes matter. Quality matters. Just as much as one’s confidence does.



“Keep walking” somebody once said

(…in the right shoes, we will add.)


Do we really need to talk about shoes and their role into our lives? Yes, indeed. And stick around to understand why.

Since forever people have been taking care of their feet by covering them with a wide variety of fabrics, either organic or non-organic. From sandals, taking us back to a whole different historical age, to today’s athletic shoes, footwear seems to have never been slowing down or stopping its development.

Turning to the historical part of our story here, the very first drawings and presentations of the “shoe image” have been found on a Spanish territory – cave drawings make us believe in the pre-existence of footwear, entirely made from rough leather fabrics pretty much stuffed with straws with the only function and goal to protect the feet from the severe weather conditions. Quite nothing in common with today’s idea of purchasing a new pair of shoes, huh?

“The more, the better” – footwear isn’t what it used to be any longer

zag2Nevertheless the reason behind our new-born desire of buying the god damn shoes, staring at us mercilessly, our feet deserve perfect coverage, warmth, maintenance and last but surely not least  – a gentle touch and delicacy.

We know how much suffering and pain a low quality pair of heels, or boots, or whatever, may cause to the feet. Therefore we’ve never stopped pushing forward and forward until eventually coming up with something that is absolutely worth every cent.

Of all the options at present-days shoe stores hand-made footwear has always been the most sought-after one; and naturally, the reason behind it is quite simple – just imagine a piece of footwork, so to speak, made out of organic materials, leaving the skin soft, fresh and maintained; and what’s more – there is a quite an immense option when it comes to the style you are absolutely into.

Whatever the event, our costumers will always be the center of attention, stealing the show every single time they step out and about their lovely city.

Perfect coverage and warmth, softness and isolation, all that coming in an excellent quality is any woman’s dream. Can you imagine walking in a leather hand-made shoes which will leave your feet with the delicate feeling of lightness even after spending a whole day roaming about the city’s streets? This is what it’s all about here.

“You before anything or anyone else “

Trust the voice within…

And much like the movie “Me before You”, it’s high time you put yourself first before anyone else. Because your freedom when walking for miles and miles does matter, because your self-esteem matters, because you are absolutely the most important one to take care of.

Our shoes are what they are today because we perfectly understand your needs as a costumer, as zag3an individual, as a human being. And since cave-ages are long ago forgotten, it’s time to make you shine in a new pair of perfectly created shoes to walk a mile or two in and make everything look and feel better this way!

…Because we make shoes with passion.


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