About us


Who is behind the scenes and how Espoka was born….

My story is quite simple but reflects the reality. A couple of years ago, back in 2005, my desire was to study fashion design .
All in all, I finished my degree and started my internship in the marketing department of the famous and well-known brand Versace in Cannes,France.

Afterwards, I decided that I should develop my personal affinity and creativity towards fashion by creating eccentric and comfortable shoes and handbags from genuine leather. Why? And why shoes anyway?

To be completely honest with you , I was always working in suits so I really wanted to wear different styles on the weekends. I was dreaming to pair my ripped jeans up with unique comfy sneakers; and so, my fashion journey for more distinct footwear began,..

The shoes I was finding appropriate were of extremely high prices and some of them were quite boring… And Voila! Espoka was born out of my desire to express myself and create wonderful funky shoes and bags from genuine materials, all of which affordably priced.

Espoka is for the gorgeous ladies, who’d love to be modern, remarkable and beautiful while walking in stylish and comfortable street-style footwear.

With passion for freedom and fashion I create shoes that I truly love to wear.

Be inspired,walk with difference!
Fashionably yours,